The rational strategy for a person who hasn’t actually studied a subject is to be agnostic… If people who hadn’t studied economics were simply agnostic, the world would be just fine. Because, on any given issue, half the people would flip a coin and say heads, half would say tails, and then policy would actually be determined by the minority of people who’ve read the economics textbook. The problem is that people who haven’t read the textbook typically are not agnostic. They think they know the answer, very often vehemently, with extreme confidence, and generally they seem to gravitate towards the views that the textbooks says are wrong.
Bryan Caplan (via eltigrechico)
It’s interesting that what voters consider to be a “result” often is just a policy. For example, a politician will often say, “I’m a politician with results! I passed a new gun control bill!” Now, to an economist, a result would be: a reduction in the murder rate. But, to the public it appears that merely getting legislation passed equals a result. So, when politicians talk about how, “Unlike these other guys, I care about results.”, you need to read between the lines. What they count as a result really isn’t much of a result. It’s just passing a law. As to whether the law actually does anything or whether it’s counter-productive is much less likely to be on the table.
Bryan Caplan (via eltigrechico)


sext: i want your neoliberalism inside of me. illuminati style. 


Today we commemorate the 30th anniversary of when Margaret Thatcher invented free markets in 1984.

Two old men walked past me and one of them said “… freedom of choice is very American and totally unnecessary in..” and I’m really curious about what they were talking about.


How do you know if you’re good enough to play on servers with other players in TF2?  I’m ok on Expert offline practice with the bots, but idk.

Just start playing on a valve server, they’re mostly filled with noobs. Its not the same playing with bots, you need real practice.


so this is what hell looks like


so this is what hell looks like

I wonder how what the cost of making a penny will be when they finally stop doing it.

It doesn’t convince me I’m wrong when I get asks saying the equivalent of “you’re just young/wrong/brainwashed” without any attack on the actual content.

While I agree that anyone should definitely be able to make poor business decisions I understand the basis of the initial laws. If a racist community wanted to drive minorities out of town it was legal to basically cut them out from all resources until they spent money to move or learned to deal with being served by literally no one. I think the basis behind the laws was to prevent "whites only" communities enforced by denial of (the vast majority of) services.

Yes and No. Although that situation is plausible and small towns could certainly keep people out if they were all racist, that’s not how it generally works in cities and society as a whole, thanks to market forces.  (voluntary) Discrimination in the market actually works to discourage racism, especially in diverse areas, as those who discriminate face significant competition from those who don’t, and eventually became either more accepting or out of business. If you look at the south, the reason that they had to pass anti discrimination laws was because of the Jim Crow segregation laws. If you think about it, a racist society shouldn’t need laws to enforce racism, so why were these (the jim crow) laws passed? I think Thomas Sowell and Walter Block go over it in some of their books, but basically in the south, initially black people were getting a lot of jobs because they were cheaper to hire, and actually had lower unemployment than whites, and racist people didn’t like the situation and couldn’t compete financially, so they had to go through the legal system to force all businesses to discriminate, so that the racist ones could still operate and the costs of discrimination where shared by all instead of just them. Anti-discrimination laws aren’t a case of the federal government solving a society or market failure, they fix a problem caused by the state governments. Anti-discrimination laws aren’t as bad as forced discrimination laws, but they do serve to keep racists in business by forcing them to act as if they weren’t, rather than letting them face the consequences of their biases, and forcing them to re-evaluate them.

It’s a bit depressing when a law that guarantees something I thought we already have is controversial. What happened to “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason”? That’s what freedom means, and anyone who is stupid enough to refuse service to a significant portion of their customers should be allowed to go out of business. Also, this should be obvious, but according to some new articles, it isn’t: just because its legal to refuse service, doesn’t mean you have to! In fact, you can advertise that you accept anyone, and get an edge over those who don’t!

remember kids, if a group of people has strong principles/beliefs different than yours, just dismiss them as a cult and make fun of them with a group of people with the same principles/beliefs that you have.

I charged my phone for over 12 hours and it didn’t charge it all, but it told me it was. Even after I unplugged it said it was charging and wouldn’t turn on so I restarted it and it has 11%